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  Luigi's Mansion Modding/Hacking Thread
Posted by: SputnicK - 07-20-2017, 06:30 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

This is a thread for modding/hacking of Luigi's Mansion. I created this because the forum does not have a dedicated board for it.

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  Checking mario's state using the C toolkit depends on which state you want to check
Posted by: Augs - 07-18-2017, 03:40 PM - Forum: Tutorials and Documentation - Replies (1)

So in the C-toolkit you can check mario's state. But as of right now, depending on the state you want to check, you have to do one of two methods. In SMS there is a section of 32 bits in the memory that correspond to flags that indicate mario's state. Some of these flags have been identified and some of them haven't. If the flag has been identifed, then we can use a mask such as 00000001000 to check if that flag is on or off. We can take mario's state, and use a bit-wise AND operator to check if that specific flag is on. Some of the STATE_BLAHBLAH in sms.h are masks. For example you can see that STATE_DOJUMP is a mask as it is one big and the rest are 0s. However, when we don't know exactly which flag corresponds to what there is a different way of doing things. Let's say we are trying to see if mario is hovering. What we do is hover in game, then copy whatever those 32 bits are. When we want to check if mario is hovering, we can just check if the two states match. Hopefully they will but this won't always work.
What to do about it
[Image: JgFQ30N.png]
So how does this work in practice? In sms.h you can see the states are separated into 2 parts. The top part is the masks and the bottom part is the recorded states. To check a mask do this:

if (mario->status & STATE_AIRBORN)
To check a recorded state do this:

if (mario->status == STATE_HOVER)
Setting Mario's state
One more thing

When setting Mario's state, you can do it directly on the recorded states
But when setting it from a mask you have to bitwise OR the mask with mario's current state
Thanks for reading.

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  SMS Multi Fully Cleared (console)
Posted by: Sonic - 07-09-2017, 03:34 PM - Forum: Tutorials and Documentation - No Replies

Okay this post is for everyone getting crashes or getting stuck in places, since i've got a lot of those too but me and my friend were able to ignore them and manage to clear the game at 100% on a modded wii with nintendont. I'm gonna report everything annoying i just found and how i skipped it:

Exception with shadow mario carrying nozzles: Okay this was the longest one, so you actually CAN'T get the nozzles on delfino plaza until you visit corona mountain for the first time. After saving yoshi, shadow mario will appear on the plaza when you get a determined amount of shines, but if you defeat him and get the nozzle, the next time you get back to the plaza, the game will crash. The only thing that worked for me is clearing all the shadow mario shines stages in each level to unlock the corona mountain, and after you exit the stage, the nozzles on the plaza will just be unlocked.

Exception on King boo's stage: I don't exactly know which of the 2 reasons i'm gonna mention were responsible to make this work (maybe both). First one was actully downloading the update of the multiplayer mod from here, second one was making player one (real mario) ground pound the purple switch while shadow mario was just at his side and making player 2 just stand still while the elevator was going down.

Trouble getting to Pianta Village: Okay since you can't get to pianta without the rocket, me and my friend discovered a pretty fun and easy glitch to actually kinda moonjump. To do it you just have to get yoshi and give him to shadow mario (Player 2), then go anywhere in plaza that can hurt Mario (we always went to the yellow thing near the shine gate that only yoshi juice can melt). When shadow mario gets hit while riding yoshi, he will drop yoshi but he will still be riding an invisible yoshi. Then, True mario goes to pick yoshi and when mario jumps with him and hold the A button to float, shadow mario has to jump holding A until he lands and mario will just keep ascending if player 1 presses A button and shadow mario keeps jumping while riding invisible yoshi. That's the way we always used to get to Pianta Village (sorry if it's a bit non understandable, if needed i'll post a video)

Extra useful glitch: In this mod marios can grab themselves like they are a barrel or a fruit and toss themselves the same way, well if you get the closest to a wall as possible and then toss any mario to it, he will actually pass the wall as if there was nothing (useful for example in the sun in delfino where you need turbo nozzle to break a door, just toss mario and he will trespass it).

And I think these were the most troublesome things i got. Here is a picture of the full clear thing (I actually post it because i'm so fckn proud of it XD):

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Question Error when patching iso
Posted by: Ripperoni - 07-05-2017, 03:47 PM - Forum: Modding and Hacking - No Replies

I'm on windows 10. I was patching the multiplayer mod into my iso when this came up. Can somebody assist me please?

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  Super Mario Sunshine Deluxe
Posted by: Doopz - 07-01-2017, 07:01 PM - Forum: Projects - No Replies

Super Mario Sunshine Deluxe will be a SMS hack, all levels will be replaced with custom levels made by me, ALinkToTheFuture will be collaborating on this hack too, he will be helping me to add rails to objects like boats and birds.
I recently modeled the Hub World, and I'll be replacing it with Delfino Plaza.

Here's a list of the levels that will be featured in this hack:
1)Candy Level 
2)Ice and Lava Level
3)Normal type Level
4)Chemical Plant Level
5)Water Level
6)Ancient Ruins level 
7)Surprise Level (Can't reveal it yet  [Image: biggrin.png] )

http://imgur.com/a/cbGB2 Sweet Candy Land (Candy Level)

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  Super Mario Sunshine General Modding Tutorial!
Posted by: Doopz - 06-26-2017, 05:00 PM - Forum: Tutorials and Documentation - Replies (3)

Needed Tools:
-Yaz0Dec & Yaz0enc
-Super Mario Sunshine Bin Editor (Made by Miluaces)
-BMDCubed (Made by Gamma)

Extracting and rebuilding your Root Folder:
Open GCRebuilder, then go to


Then select the disc icon named "root" then right click it and export it to any address in your computer.

Opening .SZS Files:
.SZS files are files used in Nintendo Games, to open them you'll need, Yaz0Dec and Rarc Dump:
1- Drag your .SZS file to Yaz0dec and you should get a file named "Example.szs.rarc"

2- Drag "example.szs.rarc" to RarcDump and you should get a folder full of files.

You'll need:
-3dsMax 2015
-MaxBMD Plugin
-Sunshine ISO
  1. Get ma_mdl1 from mario.szs.rarc.dir>mario>bmd And import it to 3dsmax 2015

  2. You'll get 1 model, and a set of bones, delete ma_mdl1(MODEL) and keep the bones, you'll notice that there are no bones at all. What you want to do is check all the bones at the right of the screen, and check them (cente being the first bone and mdl1 being the last)

  3. After checking them all, import a model, with textures and scale it with the scale tool to make it bigger or smaller depending on the size, after it fits the bones, select the model you imported and go to Modify>Modifier list and select skin.

  4. Then scroll down and click on "Add Bones", and click on Display>Expand all, and select from "mdl1 to the last bone"

  5. After that, you want to add an animation to weight the model, for that, select ma_mdl1character and go to Insert Animation (Download this animation)

  6. What you want to do now is merge the animation, when merged, the model will look weird, that can be fixed by weighting the model, click on Edit Envelopes, check Vertices and scroll down and click on the wrench icon, a window called Weight Tool will appear, and you'll see numbers like 1 .75 etc, what you want to do to fix the model is select the corresponding bone and its vertices, then click 1.

  7. When you weight your model, go to ma_mdl1_character and click on assume pose, then delete point001 and ma_mdl1_character, you will be left with a bone called mdl1.

  8. Now, export it as a .DAE and use BMDCubed, you will get a BMD, rename it to ma_mdl1 and replace it on mario>bmd.

  9. If you want a more good looking model, replace ma_cap1 and ma_cap 3 with this

  10. Now, use ArcPack on mario.szs.rarc.dir>mario, you'll get a file named mario.arc, then, drag it to yaz0enc and you'll get a file named mario.arc.yaz0, rename it to mario.szs and replace it on your root folder, and rebuild it.
You'll need 3dsmax, ArcPack, Bin Editor,and yaz0enc:

  1. Open your model in 3dsmax, then open this model of mario

  2. Scale it to Mario's height

  3. Export as OBJ and use this tool to convert it to .col, and rename it to map.col

  4. Go back to 3dsmax and select your model, and rotate it -90.0 degrees along the x-axis, then go to utilities, and click on Reset XForm, then on, Reset Selected, then, export as a DAE, MAKE SURE ALL MESHES ARE MERGED

  5. Use BMDCubed to convert the DAE to a BMD, then rename it to map.bmd.

  6. After that, you want to extract a level, lets use bia_ex1 as an example (Bianco Hills secret level). Drag bia_ex1 to Yaz0Dec, then drag the file you got to RarcDump, you should get a folder, go to scene>map, then replace map.col, then go to scene>map>map and replace map.bmd

  7. Then open Bin Editor, and go to scene>map, and open scene.bin, go to Edit> and click on clear map, then go to Tools>Preview, click on CTRL+F and type: Mario, right click on Mario and click on "Go to"

  8. In the preview window you'll get teleported to a red cube, or a mario hat, drag that to the level, Thats where Mario will spawn

  9. You can add stuff like coins by going to Wizard>Create

  10. Save your scene and go to bia_ex1.szs.rarc.dir>scene, drag your scene folder to ArcPack, then to Yaz0enc, and rename it to bia_ex1.szs.

  11. Go to your root folder and go to root>data>scene and then replace bia_ex1.szs, open up GCRebuilder and rebuild your game and test it

  12. This can apply to any level, just that on secret levels is easier.

Tool Pack:



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Music [Tutorial] Importing songs/sound effects into Super Mario Sunshine
Posted by: DatWonGote - 06-26-2017, 01:20 PM - Forum: Tutorials and Documentation - Replies (1)

Welcome to my first tutorial on E. Gadd's Workshop! Today I will be teaching you how to put one of your own MIDI format songs/sound effects into Super Mario Sunshine. 

Step 1: Download the required programs/software
The first thing you'll want to do is download arookas's Flaaffy and the HxD Hex Editor. They are both required for importing your song into Super Mario Sunshine. If you don't have it already, make sure you have an extracted Super Mario Sunshine ISO so that you can edit it's files.

Step 2: Using Flaaffy's Mareep to convert your MIDI into a BMS
First, extract flaaffy.<version name here>.zip to your desired location. Next you should move your MIDI file to the same place as where Flaaffy is located. After that, open Command Prompt and change your directory to where you extracted Flaaffy ( Example: cd C:/Flaaffy )

[Image: UDoA4EB.png]

After that typing the following command in: ( <songname> is the name of your MIDI and <newname> is what you want your .bms to be named ).

mareep -errand jolt -input <songname>.mid -output <newname>.bms

[Image: ZGeFnfI.png]

Step 3: Putting your song into Super Mario Sunshine's sequence.arc
First, go to root/Data/ in your Super Mario Sunshine root. Take the file nintendo.szs and extract it. After that go to <Extracted Nintendo.szs folder>/nintendo/audi/ and open the file msound.aaf in HxD Hex Editor. Scroll all the way to the bottom, then slowly scroll back up until you see these strings: 

[Image: octuX9f.png]

This is where the list of songs and sound effects end. Now you should look for the song or sound effect you want to replace. In this tutorial, I will be replacing the Secret Level Song (k_ex.com). Next you will want to select and copy the 4 bytes on the line below where the song or sound effect's name is. Here is an example:

[Image: odKcMd9.png]
  Paste those bytes somewhere where you will be able to access them later on—e.g. Sticky Notes or Notepad
( Make sure to remove the spaces between every byte as well ) Now you will want to open sequence.arc with HxD Hex Editor ( DO NOT EXTRACT IT! ). You can find it in root/AudioRes/Seqs/. Once you have opened it, hit Ctrl+G. It will open a goto menu which will look like this:
[Image: 3flFTu3.png]
Take the 4 bytes you copied earlier and paste them into the Offset box and then OK.
[Image: jGEHRKN.png]
You will taken to the where your offset is in sequence.arc ( Mine is 00057020 ).
[Image: OGJmBGC.png]
After that open your BMS format song with HxD Hex Editor. Select all of it (Ctrl+A) and then look at bottom of the windows. You should something that says "Length:" with multiple hexadecimals next to it. Remember it. ( Mine is 2BC0 )
[Image: ldQDepr.png]
Copy what you have selected in your BMS. Now go back to where your offset begins in sequence.arc. Hit Ctrl+E to bring up the Select block window.
[Image: wyrVHwz.png] Now enable Length and put the length of your BMS in the box. After that click OK
[Image: 0S1Xjug.png]
You should now see a bunch of selected bytes. Hit Ctrl+B to Paste Write everything from your BMS format song or sound effect. Go to File>Save As and save it as sequence.arc ( DO NOT OVERWRITE OR REPLACE THE ORIGINAL SEQUENCE.ARC! ) Delete the original sequence.arc and move your new sequence.arc to where it once was. Now you can rebuild the Super Mario Sunshine root using your preferred tool. ( I like to use gcvr )

Step 4: Test it!
Once you have successfully built your modified Super Mario Sunshine ISO, launch it and go to a level with the song that your replaced. Note that other songs/sound effects may sound corrupt in-game because you may have overwritten other songs/sound effects in the game. If your song does not sound right in-game, then it was probably to large. I'd suggest clipping it or finding a shorter song.

Special thanks to:
Best Goddess

Any typos or mistakes? Feel free to tell me here in the comment section.

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  i cant see the patch when patched
Posted by: Lewko6702 - 06-23-2017, 08:20 AM - Forum: Modding and Hacking - Replies (1)

when i patched the mod and super mario sunshine i couldnt see it in file explorer but i could see it in the patcher itself any help would be nice

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  Error While Patching ISO
Posted by: NeoRogue - 06-22-2017, 02:27 AM - Forum: Modding and Hacking - No Replies

So I am on a mac, i downloaded the patcher for the Super Mario Sunshine Multiplayer mod and opened it with wine, I put the correct files in, it started patching but then I got this message.


Did something go wrong?

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  Super Mario Sunshine Multiplayer Model Swapping Issue
Posted by: ScorelessPine - 06-21-2017, 10:22 PM - Forum: Modding and Hacking - No Replies

I want to apply the model swap that changes Mario's model to Luigi found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJZ-dr6DOEA into the Super Mario Sunshine Multiplayer Beta mod found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpYLfiYBWaU over the second player's model: Shadow Mario. Unfortunately, after applying the mod, it changes the base file system from looking like this: https://www.imgur.com/SrPVqqe to looking like this: https://www.imgur.com/mgWky3k

If you notice, all of the .szs files seem to no longer be there, and so I don't know what file I would need to replace to change the second player's model. If someone who knows more about model swapping could help me out, I would be really appreciative, because my friend and I want to play through together, but I wanted to add a special touch to it before we started playing. Thanks!

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